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Smoke Alarm Inspections

  June 12, 2015     1456 Views     Comments Off on Smoke Alarm Inspections  

NFPA 1* In buildings other than those equipped throughout with an existing complete automatic smoke detection system, smoke alarms…

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Moors Pointe Sealcoating

  March 11, 2015     2916 Views     Comments Off on Moors Pointe Sealcoating  

March Schedule Tuesday, March 3 – Wednesday, March 4 SECTION 1 - Building 18340, 18350, 18310, 18330,18360, 18370, 18200,18206 [divider top="no" text="Go…

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Roof Replacement Update

  March 11, 2015     602 Views     Comments Off on Roof Replacement Update  

Village Homes Association The roof replacement special assessment is for 24 payments of $175.00 each month, beginning January 2014 and…

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Roof Replacement

  January 1, 2015     917 Views     Comments Off on Roof Replacement  

We are now 12 months through the roof replacement special assessment. Accounts where payments were not received were sent to…

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Comcast Cable Service

  May 2, 2014     1322 Views     Comments Off on Comcast Cable Service  

Free 2 Digital Cable Boxes to Moors Residents The Master Maintenance Association and Comcast have exciting news for you. You…

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Leasing Your Moors Property?

  April 20, 2014     1654 Views     Comments Off on Leasing Your Moors Property?  

You Should Know. There are two communities within The Moors that have leasing restrictions and a screening process for prospective…

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Welcome to The Moors

  April 18, 2014     789 Views     Comments Off on Welcome to The Moors  

The place you want to call home. The Moors is a community of 2200 homes comprised of condominiums, single family…

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