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EZGo Carts Garbage Collection

  May 22, 2019     758 Views     Comments Off on EZGo Carts Garbage Collection  

Effective Immediately All residents must store their bins inside their fenced patio area once pick-up service has been completed. This…

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Maintenance Fees Changed for 2019

  February 28, 2019     3364 Views     Comments Off on Maintenance Fees Changed for 2019  

The approved 2019 Budget for Moors Master changed the monthly maintenance fees. Your Sub-Association may have also changed. Please check…

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Roof Replacement Project

  January 1, 2016     962 Views     Comments Off on Roof Replacement Project  

Roofing & Construction Corporation will begin working on the first section during the first week in January. Each section will…

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Leasing Your Moors Property?

  April 20, 2014     2535 Views     Comments Off on Leasing Your Moors Property?  

You Should Know. There are two communities within The Moors that have leasing restrictions and a screening process for prospective…

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