Safety Tips During the Holidays

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By Christopher Rubio, SFSG

The holidays are always a time for increased property related crimes.

The South Florida Security Group would like to offer the following safety tips to make your holidays a safe and enjoyable time of the year.

 1.  Always lock your car doors.
 2.  Do not leave any valuables visible inside your vehicle.
 3.  Lock your doors when leaving your home.
 4.  Do allow packages to be left unattended on doorsteps.
 5.  When buying expensive items such as televisions or computers, make sure not to leave the empty boxes visible in your trash.
 6.  Be aware of your surroundings when coming home from shopping especially during night time hours.

Always remember if you see any unusual activity around your neighborhood let security know right away at the south gate (305) 821-9327. If it is an emergency call 911.

We wish all of you a happy holiday season and are committed to making it a safe and peaceful one.The South Florida Security Group


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