Street Parking Rules

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The Moors Master Association Parking Rules.

The streets in The Moors are not very wide. The Associations have rules prohibiting or limiting street-parking under certain conditions. We need to make sure there is access for emergency vehicles to navigate our roadways to assist out neighbors who are in need of their help.

If you have a guest visiting they should park in a guest parking space. If your area does not have guest parking, if possible they need to park in your driveway or assigned space. If this is not an option and they park on the street they MUST request a “Street Parking Pass” from Security and placed it on the vehicle’s dashboard. Street Parking passes may be obtained from the office during business hours if you know in advance that you will be having a guest or a party. For unexpected guests you must call security at 305-821-9327 and the roving security officer will bring you a pass for the vehicle.

Townvillas, Village Homes and Moors Pointe Condominium do not allow T-bone parking.

The Patio Homes and Garden Homes Associations, where T-bone parking is allowed, considers a vehicle still in violation if it is parked with any section of the tire(s) touching the street ALL four tires Must be within the driveway area. “Partially on the Street” mean that one or two tires are on street. Vehicles found in violation of Street Parking or Partially on the Street will receive a sticker and/ or be booted. Townvillas, Village Homes and Moors Pointe Condominium do not allow T-Bone parking.

Please make a note of these rules to ensure that your vehicle or your guest’s vehicle is not stickered or booted.


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