The Moors Master Common Area Use

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Common Areas.

  • Each owner is responsible for the conduct of his/her family members, guests, or tenant(s), which includes any disturbance of other residents and the supervision of children when in the Common Area.
  • Use of the common area(s) by the resident, his/her family members, or guests is subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Sub- and Master Associations.
  • The Board may suspend, following due process, the right to use the Club Center facilities for up to thirty (30) days for failure to comply with the governing document provisions.

Lakes & Dock Area.

  • A resident, his/her family member, or guest individually assumes any risk with respect to the use of any lake within The Moors.
  • Only small sailboats, canoes, rowboats, paddle boats, etc., are allowed on any lake.
  • Pole fishing from a lake shore is permitted.


  • Rubbish, sports equipment or personal property left in the common areas.
  • Domestic walking pets which are not on a leash and in the care of an adult capable of controlling the animal at all times.
  • Swimming in any lake within The Moors.
  • Pedestrians, go-carts, motorized scooters and skating on the roadway of Mediterranean Blvd.
  • Go-carts, motorized scooters and all-terrain-vehicles on any road within The Moors.
  • Placement of any item on walkways or on any landscaped areas.
  • Use of power equipment, hobby shops, vehicular maintenance (other than emergency work) without written pre-approval by the Board.
  • Hunting or use of firearms.


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