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Architectural Modifications

  October 1, 2020     2160 Views     Comments Off on Architectural Modifications  

Owners may not make any exterior architectural modifications without obtaining written approval from the Association prior…

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Meet Marco Giron

  August 6, 2020     3495 Views     Comments Off on Meet Marco Giron  

Miami-Dade County Community Council Dear Moors Residents, My name is Marco Giron and I am your neighbor in The Moors.…

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Tree Trimming

  June 2, 2020     2794 Views     Comments Off on Tree Trimming  

Trees provide significant benefits to our homes and neighborhood. Taking care of our trees makes the property safe and prolongs…

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EZGo Carts Garbage Collection

  May 22, 2019     1353 Views     Comments Off on EZGo Carts Garbage Collection  

Effective Immediately All residents must store their bins inside their fenced patio area once pick-up service has been completed. This…

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Leasing Your Moors Property?

  April 20, 2014     3328 Views     Comments Off on Leasing Your Moors Property?  

You Should Know. There are two communities within The Moors that have leasing restrictions and a screening process for prospective…

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